The Good Mood Co Review: 3 Supplements for Sleep, Wellness & Focus

What is The Good Mood Co?

The Good Mood Co is a science-backed startup with an aim to improve brain performance, gut health and sleep quality through the use of natural supplements.

They’re a cruelty-free brand, free from preservatives, flavourings, sweeteners, soy, lactose and gluten. Their packaging is also biodegradable – no unnecessary, single use plastics.


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How To Take The Good Mood Co Supplements

Although I’ll be writing about the 10 Day Recovery Pack, you can definitely take any of these supplements independently if you don’t need all 3, so keep reading to find out more!

I was kindly gifted the 10 Day Recovery Pack.
It’s recommended that you start this regime on a Sunday evening and end on Friday morning. Start with Good Night, then on Monday morning take Good Morning before breakfast, followed by Brain Bottoms-Up after breakfast.

This is perfect if you work a 9-5 and need some help regulating your routine, with a little boost of energy.

The Good Mood Co: Review

Good Night Recovery Pack

A dose of the Good Night supplement is 1 capsule.
This should be taken 1 hour before you go to sleep.


Ashwagandha Root Extract (150 mg), Chamomile Extract (100 mg), L-Theanine (100 mg), Passion Flower Extract (75 mg), Hops Extract (50 mg), Lavender Extract (50 mg), Lemon Balm Extract (50 mg), Magnesium (50 mg) & Vitamin B6 (0.75 mg)

Extracted from The Good Mood Co website

The Good Night Recovery Pack promotes good quality sleep, so you should sleep a little deeper. Deep sleep is essential to properly allow your body to recuperate and it also helps improve your memory. These supplements aid relaxation, reduce stress and also support the nervous system with various nutrients and antioxidants.

Good Night Recovery Pack

As you get older, the amount of deep sleep you get decreases.
There’s a very noticeable difference in both my physical and mental state when I don’t get enough deep sleep, so I’m starting to appreciate these types of supplements much more.

If you also feel noticeably more alert, happy and generally able to function after a good night’s sleep but don’t have those nights often, these supplements may be for you.

I’ve tried prescription sleeping pills and had a really negative experience.
I love that these are a more natural alternative, with more positive results. They don’t make you feel sluggish before sleep or after waking, and they really set you up for a good day the next day!

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Good Morning Recovery Pack

A dose of the Good Morning supplement is 2 capsules.
This should be taken when you wake up, before you eat breakfast.


Cranberry Extract (4,032 mg), Aloe Vera Extract (2,000 mg), Psyllium Husk (300 mg), Fennel Seed Extract (240 mg), Inulin Powder (100 mg), Liquorice Root Extract (100 mg), Calcium (72 mg), Buckthorn Extract (50 mg), Konjac Glucomannan (50 mg), Anise Seed Extract (40 mg), Gentian Root Extract (40 mg), Rhubarb Root Extract (40 mg), Vitamin C (38 mg), Lactobacillus Acidophilus (100 million CFU)

Extracted from The Good Mood Co website

The Good Morning Recovery Pack helps cleanse the body and boost the immune system. It helps combat free radicals, supports the nervous system and heart health and can even boost collagen.

Good Morning Recovery Pack

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This is my favourite Recovery Pack.
I started taking these when I felt like I was starting to catch a cold and they acted as a sort of “first defence”.

I would definitely recommend these if you get sick quite frequently, want to boost your recovery, or if like me you’re fussy with food and may not necessarily get all your vitamins from your meals. Also, if you’re a skincare fanatic, the natural collagen boost is a bonus!

Brain Bottoms-Up Recovery Pack

A dose of the Brain Bottoms-Up supplement is also 2 capsules.
This should be taken in the morning, after you’ve eaten breakfast.


Ginkgo Biloba Extract (10,500 mg), Grape Seed Extract (2,400 mg), Green Tea Extract (1,000 mg), Beetroot Extract (600 mg), Guarana Extract (360 mg), DL-Choline Bitartrate (200 mg), L-Tyrosine (200 mg), L-Taurine (100 mg), Acetyl L-Carnitine (50 mg), L-Arginine HCL (50 mg), L-Theanine (50 mg), Phosphatidyl Serine (40 mg), Black Pepper Extract (5 mg)

Extracted from The Good Mood Co website

NOTE: This contains 20mg caffeine per dose, through the guarana extract

The Brain Bottoms-Up Recovery Pack is focused on brain function. It helps improve cognitive function and concentration, but it also supports digestive health and circulation.

Brain Bottoms-Up Recovery Pack

The effects of this last a few hours, but don’t last all day, so I prefer not to take this right after breakfast.

I’d recommend taking this after a snack, shortly before you need to focus on something, particularly if it’s something important.

The boost is fantastic and has helped me push through work on even my lowest days.

If your performance is largely affected by how much sleep you get, I think that getting some decent, deep sleep and aiding the functions of your body through the Good Night and Good Morning Recovery Packs should be sufficient, and the Brain Bottoms-Up Recovery Pack would just be a handy backup.

Are The Good Mood Co Recovery Packs Worth It?

The 10 Day Recovery Pack costs £34.99.
Considering you get 3 different supplements in the pack it’s not bad value at all, working out around £3.50 per day or £11.66 per Recovery Pack.

Personally, working in Central London, £3.50 is around what I’d pay for a coffee whenever I need a boost – I much prefer the idea of natural supplements!

Above this, there is a 20 Day Recovery Pack going for £69.99 – the only advantage of this would be having to repurchase less frequently. You don’t save more by buying more UNLESS you subscribe.
More info on subscription savings here.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is a Starter Pack containing 1 dose of each Recovery Pack for £3.99 so you can trial each supplement before committing to anything.
Although each dose works out more expensive than the multi-day options, it’s definitely a very affordable way to find out which Recovery Packs work best for you and whether it’s worth you committing to a longer regime.

When bought individually, each 10 dose pack costs £12.99.
If you don’t need all 3 Recovery Packs, this is still very cost effective as an investment in your health with 1 type working out to be £1.30 per day and 2 types £2.60.

The Good Mood Co 10 Day Recovery Pack

The Good Mood Co also offers a subscription service which you can cancel or amend whenever you want, with a delivery frequency that fits your needs.

Opting to subscribe will save you:

  • 15% on the individual Recovery Packs – £11.04 per 10 doses of a single supplement
  • 15% on the 5 Day Recovery Pack – 16.99 per 5 doses of all 3 supplements
  • 14.5% on the 10 Day Recovery Pack – £29.92 per 10 doses of all 3 supplements
  • 20% on the 20 Day Recovery Pack – £55.99 per 20 doses of all 3 supplements


In short, I definitely think The Good Mood Co are onto a good thing with these Recovery Packs.

Everyone will respond differently to supplements, so as much as I’d love to say YES! Good Night will give you the best sleep of your life! and YES! Good Morning will set you up for the BEST day! and YES! Brain Bottoms-Up will give you solid focus! ….the reality is you’ll need to trial what you think you might need. For that, I recommend a course of 5 days at least.

Although you will know within a couple of days whether these supplements are working for you, a full week is a solid trial period.

I will definitely consider subscribing to a 10 or 20 Day Recovery Pack, depending on how my daily routine evolves as my company comes out of Covid restrictions.

Do you take supplements? Do you think it’s important to keep them as natural as possible?

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