The Body Shop Face Masks

There’s something incredibly satisfying about rubbing a product all over your face, sitting for 15mins and then washing it off…

I don’t actually use face masks all that often – usually they recommend once or twice a week, but I might do one once or twice a month.

I’ve grown to really like The Body Shop face masks. Here’s a mini roundup of the ones I have so far.

All prices accurate at the time of posting

The body shop face masks

Tea Tree Clearing Mask, £11

My first face mask was The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask, now called the Tea Tree Clearing Mask. I’ve had this for so long the packaging and name changed…

I got this when my skin was more acne-prone. In general, I don’t find Tea Tree products amazing for clearing my skin when I’m breaking out. That said, I do really like this mask. It definitely helps to calm my skin, even if it doesn’t shrink and make my spots disppear.

Tea tree usually makes my spots feel dry and bleurgh, but this mask leaves my whole face feeling soft, clean and fresh. It’s not drying either. I also quite like the smell of tea tree; and the tingle that makes you feel like the product is actually doing something.

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I personally find it way more fun to use a coloured face mask, so I take great pleasure in slopping this onto my face and turning myself into Shrek. Perfect for sensitive skin, I never have any redness after wiping this off with a wet flannel.

British Rose Plumping Mask, £16

Back in November I couldn’t resist trying something from The Body Shop’s latest face mask range. I was advised to go for the British Rose Plumping Mask for maximum hydration and glow. I’m always skeptical with “plumping” or “anti-aging” products, because I’m only in my early 20s! …Nevertheless, I went with it.

I love how my skin feels after using this mask – super soft, smooth and definitely hydrated. Lightly rose scented, although it’s not overpowering or overly offensive when it’s on your face and it doesn’t linger once the mask is washed off so I’m not too fussed.
This is my go-to when my skin needs a hydration boost.

The Body Shop British Rose Face Mask

Warming Massage Clay Mask, £11


So I ran out of the Tea Tree mask and the plumping mask was more targeted at hydration… I ventured back to The Body Shop and spotted the Warming Massage Clay Mask.

I prefer face masks being in tubs rather than tubes, as to me it looks like I’m getting more product. Seeing this in tube form I was immediately concerned it wouldn’t last very long, but it is in fact the same size as the other two.

Being a clay mask I figured it’d be a step up from the clear gel in terms of colour excitement. This mask is applied onto wet skin and doesn’t harden or “dry out” it remains quite pale. The excitement in this mask comes from the fact that it’s warming – when you rub it onto your skin, a mass of heat just penetrates your face.. it’s  a m a z i n g; like you’ve just put your face against a hot water bottle. Intense. I don’t mind the smell of ginger, so this product doesn’t offend my nose. Not as hydrating as the plumping mask, but also not drying. This mask leaves my face feeling clean, but there were no extraordinary results.

The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Mask

These masks definitely serve their own purposes. I highly rate the British Rose Mask for hydration and softening when needed, but for more regular use I’d probably stick with the Tea Tree one. The Mineral Clay Mask is great for that warmth but I don’t see any spectacular results.

Have you tried and of The Body Shop face masks? Which is your fave?

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  1. If you’re not super satisfied with the Body Shop masks then I’d encourage you to check out the Lush masks. I tried a couple of Body Shop products in the past but they didn’t blow me away either. Lush on the other hand has definitely made a huge difference. My favorites are probably Mask of Magnaminty and Herbalism, they do wonders for my sensitive skin. Great reviews though, very helpful.

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    • Thanks for reading and for the suggestion of Lush face masks – I actually hadn’t thought of them 🙂

      Thanks also for the invite to contribute to your website, but for now I’ll have to pass. Will definitely contact you if I can get some structure to my life, properly incorporate writing and realistically reconsider!

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