Travel Diaries: Tenerife & Harry Potter Studio Tour

Following on from my last post about my idiotic accident, I thought I’d write about my holiday. We (my bf and I) had to make quite a few adjustments to our original plans and honestly, we didn’t end up doing nearly as much as we’d hoped.. But we still had a great time.

This holiday was booked a few months ago. We knew we wanted to go somewhere warm, because November in the UK/France is usually prettttty chilly, so we picked Tenerife.

October 31st

Arrived in Tenerife around 6pm and had to queue 45mins+ for a 10min taxi ride to El Medano. Funnily enough, I didn’t mind the wait – the scenery was beautiful and it was still over 20 degrees as the sun set. I also really appreciated the fact that the time zone was the same as home!
After leaving our suitcases at our Air BnB, we scouted the local area and went in search of food. We stayed in and watched Stranger Things for the rest of the evening, getting ready for a full day of exploration.

November 1st

Burnt on day 1. I expected a max of 25 degrees, but I think it hit 30 (minimum) every day. We walked miles by the sea, but at this point I couldn’t walk on the sand or get my foot wet. I was constantly eager to dip my feet into the sea, but I still enjoyed the walk. Such. A. Beautiful. Landscape; really fun architecture.

el medano sign
el medano street by the beach
el medano bluest skies colourful buildings
November 2nd

There was a sign.. At a bus stop.. Saying McDonalds was 5mins away. I mean…… Chicken nuggets? Gotta try all the nuggets! So we started walking. After 10mins, the pavement disappeared. I didn’t feel like risking my life walking on the side of a high speed road, so we turned back and hopped on a bus to the next tiny town along. NUGGETS! …That was legit the highlight of that day.

November 3rd

We headed out quite late and hopped on a bus for an hour to the more touristy town of Los Cristianos. Lord that bus was unreliable and there was one every hour, but it was worth it. Long bus journeys don’t feel so long when you have views out the window. Have I already mentioned that Tenerife has freaking beautiful landscapes? Coz dude. Beautiful.
This was the day I decided I’d get on the sand and dip my feet in the sea. Sea water is meant to be healing and all that? Well, no regrets. I wish I’d done it more, actually.
Note to self: Bring body lotion on holidays. Do not ever use Vaseline as a substitute, especially when there’s sand involved.

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November 4th

We went back to Los Cristianos for some whale and dolphin watching. What an incredible experience. I’m not a massive fan of boats; the sea absolutely terrifies me, but wow. Such an amazing side of nature that we don’t get to witness from the UK or mainland Europe. Chicken nuggets were also consumed on this day. Much happiness.

Whale spotting on a boat
Los Cristianos from a boat
A whale in the sea in Tenerife
A boat from a boat

We also caught the stunning full moon:

Full moon tenerife
November 5th

Leaving day. Thankfully, our Air BnB host was flexible and let us leave our luggage at the flat until the afternoon. We had one last walk by the sea and around El Medano, before heading off to the airport 3 hours ahead of our 7pm flight. We squeezed in some last minute sunbathing (ha!) and had a couple of coffees. We were both really sad to leave.

Kite surfing on a windy day in el medano

Originally, we had planned to go to Siam Park which I believe is known to be one of the best water parks in the world, but because of the wounds on my foot I wasn’t able to swim in a pool. Didn’t bring any swimwear for potential sea swimming either, because I didn’t know how troublesome the sand would be and i honestly didn’t expect it to be hot enough.. but hey.
We also hoped to go to Teide National Park to see Mount Teide and do some hiking, but I wouldn’t have been able to walk in such a setting, nor for the required hours.

Tenerife is definitely a country I’d like to visit again. Next time, I recon we’ll rent a car and do everything we missed out on and more.

Back in the UK
November 6th

we checked into our new Air BnB somewhere between Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. We were staying in a beautiful converted barn in quite a remote area, around a 2 hour drive from home. [Whoops, should have taken photos!]

I get really bad driving anxiety – no idea why. Driving in the countryside specifically is really not my thing. Had a few scary, potentially dangerous moments, one complete meltdown and I managed to damage my car – all of which were so easily avoidable, but I panic. so. much. People are constantly telling me to be more confident in myself and my driving ability; that there’s nothing to be so afraid of. I know these things, but somehow it isn’t that simple. I feel like I’m not cut out for driving because of the levels my anxiety can reach – I hardly ever drive alone and if I do, I often find it hard to breathe before I set off. I do get anxious about a lot of other things, but not to this extreme.

Just thought I’d throw that waffle in, on the off chance anyone has similar experiences. I don’t know anyone that gets driving anxiety, and I think that makes it worse.


November 7th!

I booked a surprise trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour as an early Christmas present for my bf. I’ve been once before but they had added new things since, and he’d never been. I think it’s safe to say he thoroughly enjoyed it – I did too. It’s one of those places you can go to several times without it ever getting old/boring. I highly recommend this to any Harry Potter fan. [I won’t upload masses of photos/spoil it for anyone hoping/planning to go!]

Harry potter studio tour room
November 8th

We spent half the day in Aylesbury, mostly in The Works. That shop is a gem for spontaneous, cheap kids toys, books, crafts etc, I love it. Managed to grab a coffee and have lunch at Wagamama before we drove over to my sister’s, where we hung out til silly o clock.

November 9th

We went to the cinema to see Thor: Ragnarok. It always blows my mind how bloody expensive cinema tickets are nowadays, but the film was so good! More chicken nuggets were consumed on this day. Also, I desperately wanted to go to Homesense because I don’t have one near home, so we went there. I may have bought some candles…
This was the day I damaged my car. I wasn’t having a very good driving day and by the time we got back to the barn I was majorly stressed out. To summarise: car, night time, tight space, corner of brick wall.

November 10th

We were supposed to go to Stonehenge on this day but after my meltdown the day before, I really just wanted a calm day in; a no car day. Plus, we didn’t realise it was a good hour and a half away and costs £16.50 per person. So I spent most of the day in a bit of a funk, we cooked, watched Netflix, packed & cleaned. Sucks when I can’t control my mood and I’m supposed to be on holiday, having fun.

November 11th

The end.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk since I got home. Feeling really frustrated with myself and like a bit of a waste of space, if I’m honest. I’m losing touch with my only 2 friends because I want to be on my own all the time and I never want to talk to anyone. I need a job; a sense of purpose. Also, you’d think having been in a relationship for 8 years and having done 5 of them long distance, goodbyes would be easier by now….. but nah. If anything, I feel like it’s getting harder and there’s an ever increasing pressure for me to get my act together and move to France. Yet my life has no direction; I have no career or career aspirations.
Just feeling a bit hopeless.

Sorry for such a long post, but thank you if you made it to the end.

Time to get back into the reviews!

Ciao for now! ^_^

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