6 Positive Changes: Sustainable Health and Beauty

I’m not an environmentalist by any means, but I am becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and more interested in the sustainable health and beauty options that are available.
My generation and older generations might not experience the most dire effects of climate change, but what about younger generations and all to come?

You’ll never catch me doing anything as extreme as going vegan, but I do think small changes can make a big difference if everyone gets on board.

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These are some of the simple sustainable health & beauty changes I made in the last year, that you can make too:

Bamboo toothbrushes

I got these toothbrushes, because they’re around the same price as a plastic toothbrush and I liked the idea of the painted ends to give a little protection when stored in a toothbrush holder. They’re also advertised as medium firm, which is ideal. They arrived saying medium soft, but they’re definitely medium firm.
There’s literally no difference in feel to a plastic one and it’s just as efficient, but you can recycle the bristles and the handle is compostable.

A-One bamboo toothbrush in turquoise

Reusable cotton pads

This has been my least fave change so far and I’m on the hunt for better cotton pads. The ones I have are too big, the material slides, and they absorb way too much product.
For reference, they’re by Greenzla on Amazon.

reusable cotton pads spilling out of container

Sustainable periods

Tampons & liners

DAME is a fantastic brand for sustainable period products.
I got myself a reusable tampon applicator, 100% organic cotton tampons & a couple of reusable panty liners.
They also have a set of reusable pads, which I’ve ordered just recently.
They claim that a regular pad can hold as much as a super tampon!

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[I have a whole post on DAME here]

Apart from the fact that these organic tampons are 100% biodegradable, they’re also better for the body.
Regular non-organic tampons can shed fibres, which contain traces of toxins that get left behind in your body.

Dame reusable tampon applicator, tampons and panty liner
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It took many years for me to learn that used tampons shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet, even if you never experience blockages.

I started putting my used tampons in small compostable bags, so it’s less unpleasant for the next bin user and I don’t have to waste toilet roll (yes, they’re dog-poop bags. Don’t judge me).

These bags are perfect. The batch has lasted me almost a year and I’m not even half way through. There’s also the added benefit of the 2 holders, which allow me to leave one in the bathroom and take one out and about.

This particular brand has stopped selling these, but there are plenty other options, like these or these.

compostable tampon disposal bags with holder

Bamboo cotton buds

This was the first change I made.

I’m very fussy with cotton buds, but these are just as good as Johnsons.
At the time, Johnsons were still doing plastic cotton buds.

Reusable straw

Although food establishments aren’t allowed to give out plastic straws anymore, I got my own reusable metal straw because paper ones are gross.

This came in a pack of 2, so I gave one away. A great opportunity to try and get friends and family using more sustainable health and beauty items too.

My struggle with this is remembering to remove the straw before throwing the cup away, and that’s why I don’t have a photo. It was great while it lasted and I’ll definitely get a new one.

The majority of these items can be found on Amazon, with a crazy selection of each. I feel like sustainable options are so easily accessible these days, that there’s really no excuse not to make the swap. In most cases, you don’t spend more than you usually would on a non-eco friendly equivalent: in fact, with reusable items you’ll end up saving!

Have you made any sustainable health and beauty changes yet? Or are you keen to make some changes this year?

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