Sleep Struggles & Nytol

The entire 4 years I was at uni, I had trouble with sleep. I just couldn’t fall into a good, proper sleeping routine. Insomnia wouldn’t back down and I barely went to class because of it.
All that sorta died down when I graduated and started working full time. Sleep’s never been “great” ..but it became more bearable. Until recently.

Lately, I’m either spending hours trying to get to sleep, waking every 10mins, waking every hour, or waking around 3am for hours.
Caffeine hasn’t been doing its thing & I hate sleeping pills.

I’ve tried showering closer to bedtime (knowing that showers make me sleepy), changing my bedding & PJs, drinking calming herbal teas, breathing exercises/meditations, physically tiring myself out in the day, not playing games too close to bedtime… the list goes on.
To no avail.

Eventually decided to try Nytol herbal tablets. Not quite a sleeping pill, just something to hopefully relax myself. Ha!

“Take 2 tablets, 1 hour before bed” – righto.
1 hour passed… 2… 3…
I lay awake for hours feeling mighty frustrated because I couldn’t think. I usually try to create a “dreamy” scenario in my head to build on all the way to the depths of sleep. Not this time. Every time I was reaching for a thought, I’d hit a wall. My head was empty, my brain wasn’t co-operating. I couldn’t cope with that.
I did eventually get to sleep after around 3 hours, but I highly doubt the pills had anything to do with it. I was thoroughly exhausted from waking every 10mins the night before.
Woke a few hours later feeling really groggy. By the time I had to get up, I felt awful.

Needless to say I won’t be taking those again… £4 to make me feel like an invalid, wind me up when I want to be asleep and make it even harder to get up in the morning.

Lack of sleep is destroying my energy levels, making me emotionally sensitive, making me binge eat, have no interest in anything.. I want to spend all my time in bed again. Depression’s creeping. I don’t want to work, I don’t want to blog.

Please, sleep gods, let me have a good night…….

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