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The Sephora Honey Lip Scrub one of the items I spotted whilst I was queuing to pay. How cute is the packaging?! Made of sturdy cardboard rather than more common, environmentally damaging plastic.

Sephora Honey Lip Scrub

2021 Update: This product seems to have been discontinued

4,95 euros definitely seems reasonable for a lip scrub. I was drawn to the fact that this is in stick form, rather than a little pot. I tend to struggle with products in pots, because I like to grow my nails and I don’t like digging into stuff.

There isn’t a massive amount to say about this scrub, so I’ll just cut to it:

This is essentially just a very creamy lip balm with clumps of sugary exfoliating beads here and there.
On first use, I noticed that I had to rub a lot of product onto my lips before I reached the beads. Once I did reach the beads and had enough on my lips, I used a finger to rub them around thoroughly and found that they did their job pretty well.

Sephora Honey Lip Scrub Open

I had the most amount of exfoliation the first time I used this product. After using the first load of “beads,” I noticed there was another chunk of pure balm. This is disappointing for me – I expected the sugary beads to run all the way through.

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Sometimes I reach for this scrub, wanting to exfoliate, but end up wasting so much product (to the point where it becomes thick white nastiness on my lips) trying to reach beads!

Thankfully, this doesn’t smell or taste horrendous; it’s sweet like honey.

I prefer to use this overnight, and I find I only really need to use it every other night (at best).


Overall I’d probably give the Sephora Honey Lip Scrub a 2.5/5.
It has the potential to be a really good scrub, but the inconsistency of the beads drags it down. Convenient in stick form, pleasant smell/taste/feel….. but for the price and what it actually does, I’d rather stick with a pure balm and I’m still happy with Maybelline’s Baby Lips. Given the fact that I only have to use the scrub every other night, it also has the potential to last a crazy long time, but the lack of beads ruins that too.
I won’t be re-purchasing this, but I’d definitely try one of the Sephora lip balms instead.

What’s your favourite lip product?

2021 Update: This product seems to have been discontinued.

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