Top 4 Affordable Products to Relieve Back Pain, Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain

Back, neck and shoulder pain can be really frustrating.

I get varying levels of back pain or neck aches every day, and I’ve been testing some products to help relieve it.

Aside from the basics of a supportive mattress and shoes, the following items have been the best at relieving back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain without breaking the bank:

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Products to combat back pain neck pain shoulder pain
Acupressure Mat & Cushion

Laying on a mat of plastic spikes seemed weird at first, but they’re not super sharp and it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

Acupressure mat points

It’s not a very big mat – smaller than a yoga mat, but just long enough to cover your back. There are also dips at the side where your waist would be.

Acupressure mat open

This doesn’t hurt at all and after just 15mins can help lightly relieve aches and pains.

The cushion is my favourite and works wonders for neck aches and shoulder pain. It also makes a good foot rest and can give a nice foot massage to relieve various aches and pains.

Both parts can be used on the floor or in a chair, though I’ve personally only used them on the floor.

It also comes with a little travel bag, which is handy if you’re going somewhere and rely on this product for pain relief!

Acupressure mat set
Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder & Back Massager

This is great for deeper aches and muscle aches, particularly around the shoulders.

The exact one I purchased is no longer available, but there are many identical alternatives.

Compact back massager
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There are 3 rotating balls on both sides, which rest on the back of your shoulders.

Shiatsu back massager

There is also heat control, 3 speed levels and a button to change the ball rotation direction. You can use this all over your back and you’re always fully in control of the strength and position by putting your arms through the loops.

Heat and speed adjustment back massager
Shiatsu back massager arm holes

It stops itself after around 10mins, which is a solid amount of time.
It’s not recommended to use this for more than an hour per day.

Back Stretcher / Lumbar Support

This is a multifunctional product which can relieve back pain and improve posture.

Back stretcher and posture corrector

It has 3 different heights, making it perfect for everyone.

I started on the lowest level, laying on this for 15mins every night. After a week I increased the height.

Back stretcher level adjustment

This gives the back a really satisfying stretch and can help more in the long term. I definitely think that as a back stretcher, it’s one of the more strenuous items.

This back stretcher also doubles up as lumbar support and can be used in a chair to aid posture. This is most comfortable on the lowest setting.

Memory Foam Pillow

This was an unintentional purchase, but I’m so glad I got it.

This is the oddest shaped pillow I’ve ever seen, but there’s a reason for it.

Memory foam pillow for neck pain

This is perfect for front sleepers, but it’s suitable for everyone.

Looks like just a pillow, but it actually has a protective cover on it already so you don’t need to put a pillowcase on. I personally prefer it without an extra pillowcase, but you may prefer it with one for both comfort and aesthetics.

The memory foam is firm enough to be supportive, but soft enough to be comfortable. It provides support in places a regular pillow doesn’t and helps keep your body, neck and head appropriately aligned as you sleep.

There is a small ridge in the middle that supports the neck/back and odd wings on the top ends for you to slot your arms if you’re a front sleeper.

The pillow can be rotated so the wings are at the bottom, making it more comfortable for some back sleepers.

Memory foam pillow

There is a small dip in the middle of the pillow which is super comfortable and cradles your head nicely without any pressure.

Memory foam pillow head relief

The product advice states that it can take up to 2 weeks for your body to get used to this pillow, and that was definitely the case for me.

It’s worth the persistence to not wake up with neck aches though.

Have you found any other affordable products that help relieve back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain?

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  1. Oh, that first product looks great! I mean, they all do but that one really caught my eye! I’ve had lots of pain in my back, shoulders, neck—stress mostly and some actual issues in my body—and I know how much it sucks. Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s such a simple but effective product. I hope it helps if you decide to give it a go, it’s quite versatile. Thanks for reading!

  2. Such a great post with fab sounding products! I have fibromyalgia so get a lot of pain almost constantly, especially in my back so I’d love to find something that does help. I really like the sound of the shiatsu neck, shoulder & back massager, I’ve always anted to try one like that. Thanks for sharing these, very intrigued about them now.

    Jordanne ||

    • It’s really not fun living with any kind of aches or pains! I kept seeing people talking about the shiatsu style massagers and I’m really glad I took the plunge. Hope something from this list will work for you – thanks for reading x

    • These pains are the worst! Thank you for reading and congrats on the little one 🙂 I hope something from this list can help you x

    • It was definitely a pleasant surprise! Very relaxing, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Thank you for reading & commenting x

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