No Spend April 2021 | Beauty Edition

No Spend March went surprisingly well!

I won’t be doing a No Spend April, because I already know I’ll be buying a few bits.

I caved once in March, but only because I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try some cheap lip balms from France. The damage was minor, I’m still pleased with my results. There were actually a few more empties I forgot to log.

No Spend March 2021 Complete

I highly recommend challenging yourself to a No Spend month if you’ve never done one before. It’s amazing how the mind responds knowing everything is being tracked.

Get your no spend April template:

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No Spend April 2021 Beauty Edition

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  1. Oh I definitely need to try this myself. I love those little templates. You did so well in March! I am awful for buying so much stuff I don’t need… I might give this a go in May xx

    • Thank you! I definitely recommend giving it a try.. It’s a great personal challenge. The guilt factor that comes with posting results on Instagram every day is a great spending deterrent, haha.

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