Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer: Review

Whilst I was in France, I had the intention of buying something I couldn’t get in the UK… But then I spotted a Maybelline store and got excited, so here I am with the Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer.
I’ve only ever seen Maybelline concessions in the UK, not actual outlets!

This is my first lip lacquer. I’m on the hunt for a non-drying, more brown toned nude lip product. The majority of my lip products are mauve or similar.

The shade “charmer” instantly stood out to me, so that was my pick. Not really what I set out for, but definitely a beautiful colour. Similar to my collection but different!

maybelline vivid hot lacquer
Packaging & First Impressions

Drugstore. Standard packaging. Standard price (£7.99 at the time of posting).

The applicator isn’t the standard doe-foot, but is curved with a dip on one side and a small bump on the other. I think this design is becoming more common, but apart from a slight increase in precision when applying closer to the edges of your lips, I don’t really see the benefit. I personally prefer something flat, but this isn’t an issue for me at all.


In terms of formula, I had to use this a few times to get used to it. On first use, I found it extremely sticky and I would get a separating line and a load of patchiness where the inner section of my lip started (does that make sense?!)

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A month of not-so-frequent use later, I’ve realised that less is more and this simply isn’t a product to keep layering. That’s when it gets unbearably sticky. My lips have to be absolutely bone dry in order to get a non-patchy application and no separating line, which is slightly awkward for me as I’m definitely a compulsive lip-licker.

Staying power

Average to poor. Food and drink will slide this stuff right off your lips. It transfers a greasy layer onto things. You really have to be committed to reapplying this throughout the day.
It’s sticky. I also highly doubt you’d want to kiss anyone with this on.

Thinking about the general wear, if I’m just out and about not eating etc, I don’t ever get to the point of forgetting I have product on my lips. This stuff is sticky (have I mentioned stickiness enough yet?) I don’t think I’d call this lightweight unless you keep your mouth 100% still all day. It fades too quickly for my liking too.

On the plus side, this works very well with dry lips. It’s much more forgiving than a standard lipstick. It has a slightly sweet scent, but thankfully it isn’t overpowering as many liquid lipstick scents are. It also has no taste, which I am massively in favour of.

Pigment? Top notch.


As a personal preference, I like my lip products to look as seamless as possible and feel lightweight with minimal effort, so I give the Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer a 2/5.

I commonly see some shades (of any product type) applying better than another within the same line, but I’m honestly not in a hurry to try another one of these. For anyone that isn’t a frequent lip balm/scrub user, isn’t bothered by stickiness (albeit mild), isn’t a compulsive lip-licker and enjoys a glossy finish, this could be worth a try.

Have you tried the Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer? What’s your favourite lip product?

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