New Kid on the Block: L’Oreal Air Volume Mega Mascara

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I look for masses of volume in a mascara. The L’Oreal Lash Paradise Extatic has been my unbeatable #1 since I got my hands on it, but when I heard about the release of the L’Oreal Air Volume Mega mascara, I pounced.

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Being back in the office 2-3 days a week means I’m wearing makeup again, and I’m having a hard time resisting all the new releases.

I am extremely fussy when it comes to mascara.
I am also a firm believer that the drugstore has got everyone covered and unless you comfortably have the money to splash out, there’s really no need to be buying high-end.
You won’t catch me spending upwards of £20 on a mascara. No way, no day.

Alas, here we are with the L’Oreal Air Volume Mega at £11.
£1 cheaper than my trusty Lash Paradise Extatic.


I’m straight up not a fan of the packaging. It’s a very clunky, cheap feeling plastic that’s easily tarnished. That said, this wasn’t purchased for the aesthetics. The Lash Paradise Extatic packaging also feels very cheap, but the product itself is amazing and that’s what matters.
I wish it was a little less bulky, but on the plus side it’s extremely light.

Air Volume Mega next to Lash Paradise Extatic packaging
The Wand

A fairly large, simply rounded wand that comfortably grabs all your lashes. No fancy dips or irregular shaping here. This works for me.
It’s almost identical to the Lash Paradise Extatic wand – same fibres and pretty much the same size. I find the Air Volume Mega wand to be slightly better rounded, but the difference is absolutely minuscule and of no real significance.

Air Volume Mega wand and outer package
Air Volume Mega and Lash Paradise Extatic wand comparison
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Claims & Performance

The L’Oreal Air Volume Mega mascara has a whipped texture and promises mega, lightweight volume for up to 24 hours with no clumping, flaking or smudging.

It took a few wears to get used to the lightness, but that was a pleasant surprise.
I’m keen to see how this performs as the tube empties and the product gets drier, but for the moment no flakes, clumps or smudges even on long, sweaty days. Flawless lashes all day, even while the rest of my eye makeup falls apart.

Comparison of Loreal lash paradise extatic and air volume mega application

I double cleanse on makeup days and my routine oil cleansers are able to remove this mascara with no issues.
I tried using micellar water as a first cleanse for testing purposes, but that was quite a struggle and I ended up with very sore eyes.

The Verdict

I was super excited to try this product, but deep down I had low expectations.
L’Oreal set the bar super high with the Lash Paradise & Extatic, and this mascara has landed on par with it.

The L’Oreal Air Volume Mega mascara is a welcome addition to my current makeup collection because of the flawless application, and I find myself grabbing for it more and more.
This product doesn’t aid any kind of curl, but it doesn’t claim to, so that’s fine.
It helps add a little length to the lashes and it’s a very rich black, which helps make the eyes look bigger.

It took a while to grow on me, but overall I’m loving this mascara and I’ll be repurchasing it.
I’m fortunate enough to have naturally long, curled lashes, but that means I heavily seek volume and this mascara does a great job at that, as the name suggests it would.

This mascara works well for lazy days when you want to feel a little more put together at home without having black marks under your eyes, and also for days out when you’re running round the office. No budge. No smudge.

What’s your current ride or die mascara? Have you tried the L’Oreal Air Volume Mega?

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