Things you don’t come to a beauty blog to read about

Its been a while.

I was the most consistent I’ve ever been with my blog this year, but 2020 has been so intense.
By June, I just wanted a bit of time out to observe and learn.

Returning to Blogging

I’ve been contemplating how to return to blogging.
My heart hasn’t really been in it – I feel like it’s so ridiculous to be writing about trivial things like beauty products when there are more important things going on that need attention.
At the same time, I understand the need for people to go back to posting their normal content. Some people make a living off this. I also understand that some people want to maintain a happy space/escape for themselves and others.

I think the main thing is to keep learning.
I want to keep educating myself on the issues that black people continue to face and keep supporting in the ways I can, regardless of whether I resume my trivial blogging. I think this should apply to everyone. There is always something to learn. I’m considering changing my blogging schedule slightly to continue respecting blackout Tuesday and marking it as a regular day for me to reflect.
Mainstream media might have moved on, but the problems haven’t gone away.

Black Lives Matter

This website is a good starting point for BLM resources. You probably saw it making its way through social media channels in June – revisit it.
I’d say if you want to make a monetary donation, make sure you do some background research on the organisation you’re planning to donate to. Sadly, not everyone out there is genuine and not everything is what it seems.

You can still make a difference without donating money.
Sign petitions. There are so many threads full of them on Twitter. It takes seconds.

Stay on the lookout for small black-owned business to support. In my areas of interest, I found:

There are heaps that just get buried.

Keep reading. Keep learning. Keep amplifying melanated voices.

Do you have any recommended resources or black-owned businesses to share?


Quite simply, I am at a loss for words to describe my disdain for the UK government and how they’ve handled Covid.
Alas, it is what it is.
I haven’t seen my boyfriend or hugged a single soul in 6 months.
Half. A. Goddamn. Year.

Please wear a mask and don’t be a dick just because you think you’re invincible. Thanks.

And on we go.

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