Grandma Mode: Activated – Learning to Knit

One thing I didn’t mention in my last post, was that I desperately wanted to knit myself a blanket – or several blankets – which meant learning to knit.

I must have talked about it a lot, because I was gifted knitting needles, yarn & an A-Z of Knitting book for Christmas.
…So what better time to learn a new skill than in a new year?!

I like to think I picked up the basic knit/purl stitches pretty quickly, but I think it was slightly ambitious of me to try knitting a hat as my first project.
I completed it, but with pretty low quality yarn and horrifically inconsistent tension, the result was pretty awful even though my aunt was on hand to help fix the fixable mistakes. Still a proud accomplishment though.

learning to knit a hat
complete first knitted project

I’ve now downgraded slightly and I’m knitting a scarf. As a gift.

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That’s the great thing about knitting: it makes me want to give, constantly. It’s also super therapeutic.

knitted scarf work in progress

After the scarf I have plans to make:

  • A blanket (gift)
  • A proper hat (gift)
  • A jumper (gift)
  • Then a blanket for myself
  • And maybe some slippers

Hobbycraft is my new favourite shop.
I spent 2 hours there, bought £90 worth of yarn and I’m not even a seasoned knitter yet!

Yarn stash

I’m happy that I’ve finally found a hobby, even if it’s one that many people will laugh at.
When I move out I want to knit literally everything for my new home, from plant pot covers to giant poufs & cushions.
For the moment, it’s an activity that keeps me sane and I look forward to getting better at it so I can post some actual, successful projects.

Are you a seasoned knitter? Are you also learning to knit?

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