Knitting Projects: Slippers, Door Wedge, Blanket

When I recently tried the crochet cast on I mentioned that I was determined to stick with knitting and get better at it.
Admittedly I haven’t been knitting as much as I expected to during lockdown, but here are some of the projects I’ve been working on.

knitted blanket squares and yarn


really wanted to make myself a pair of slippers, so I spent a few days looking for a pattern suitable for beginners.
I found a couple:

Cloud Slippers

These were super basic and very cleverly designed. Using only knit and purl stitches, it took about an hour to make 2 (with 9mm needles) and I was so excited that my finished product actually looked like slippers.
However… they were tiny! I followed the instructions for a women’s S, which should have been a good size for me. They stretch across 2-3 sizes but of course, the more you stretch them the more gaps there are. Even though they technically stretched to fit me, they weren’t ideal.
Also, I always forget to sew on the wrong side, so they’re technically inside out. I do like the wrong side pattern though – less bland.
These were small enough to fit my mum, so she inherited them and wears them surprisingly often!

Knitted cloud slippers
One knitted cloud slipper

Being my first attempt, it was massively flawed.
One foot has worn a hole towards the back of the base, but I’m still so happy with them!

Mens Slippers

I think these are unisex slippers, despite the name. So I gave them a shot in the hopes that they’d come out bigger than the cloud slippers. I followed the instructions for size S which, according to the measurements stated, should have come out a few cm longer than I needed but since my knitting tends to come out small, I expected it to be about right.

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It took so much longer than the cloud slippers (a few hours for 1) because of the thinner yarn (5mm), and it involved some new techniques I hadn’t used before which were fun to learn.
This really didn’t turn out right. It didn’t even look like a slipper.

mens knitted slipper flat
Mens knitted Slipper Upright

When put on, it had so much potential.. But the base wasn’t long enough and so it wouldn’t stay in place. They were also really wide, which isn’t a huge issue for me as I have wide feet but it would have been better if they were slightly narrower just for a little foot hugging and grip.

mens knitted slipper on foot

I then attempted size M in the hopes that it would be longer, but it didn’t work out. It was just wider.
I unraveled that one.

I got a bit demotivated after all the fails, so haven’t tried again.
Definitely still want to make a successful pair of slippers at some point though!

Door Wedge

Our kitchen door is a fire door, so it slams shut and bangs really loudly.
We had been using a cloth on the floor to prevent the banging, but that wasn’t convenient as it would get kicked out of place.
I had a vision of something solid with a knitted cover on the top corner of the door to prevent the banging instead.

Full-blown makeshift: I folded some cardboard, knitted 2 rectangles and sewed them together around the cardboard to make a corner wedge.

Knitted door wedge

Sadly, it was too thick for the kitchen door. We couldn’t open the fridge while it was on there and we can’t have that! But it’s been working wonders for my bedroom door instead.

knitted door wedge on door corner

I then attempted to sew another 2 rectangles together without the cardboard inside, pure yarn in double stockinette, but it was a tad too small so kept falling off.
If I take the time to measure up properly, this would be a great little solution.


Since Feb or so, I’ve been knitting squares to sew together and make a blanket.
I need 21 squares and I got stuck at 4.

4 knitted blanket squares

I don’t cope well with repetitive patterns! It’s entirely double stockinette and I’m still a slow knitter, so it’s tedious.

I’m hoping to do a checkered pattern of blue and grey. It’s actually for my boyfriend’s place, but more for me because I’m always cold there.
This could be a WIP for many future posts.

If you’re a knitter, what are you currently knitting?

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