January Check-in

Feels like I haven’t written in ages, but I like to think that’s because I’ve been on a roll…

January 1st came around and I sorta started thinking… Same shit, different year… But then I took another look at my list of things I want to achieve, and I started to make some changes.

Firstly, I passed my driving test. That’s one thing completely off the list now – so happy! It still doesn’t feel real, because I haven’t driven since the test and my official license hasn’t come yet; plus the main reason I passed was luck. But wow.

Secondly, I’ve been exercising every day that I haven’t been ill (hurray for illness right at the start of a new year). Working from home, it’s often so bloody difficult to find the motivation to just move. I’m really amazed at how much of a difference I’ve noticed in my mental state and attitude after doing a mere 10mins exercise each day. Things that would usually irritate me don’t seem to matter so much anymore; I’ve been more at peace and I’ve been sleeping better.

In terms of budgeting, I bought a book to get me on track (lol, spending money to save money). Also got myself a super pretty list book, because I love stationary and I love lists and I love writing and I’m not sorry.

Haven’t really had a chance to start scrapbooking again, but that’ll come. Wouldn’t want to accomplish everything in January now, would I!

All in all, I’m pretty chuffed with how 2017 has started. Here’s hoping I can keep this up.
Thinking my next step should be a new job…

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