Jamberry Nail Wraps

So back in April my sister told me to get on board the Jamberry train… I was completely clueless. Now? Always reaching for my Jamberry nail wraps..

About Jamberry

For anyone as clueless as I was, Jamberry is a brand specialising in nail wraps. They also have a variety of nail/hand care products, and they operate in a similar way to Avon whereby you can sign up to be a consultant and sell Jamberry products for some extra income through commission.

I’m not a consultant.. Just a compulsive buyer.

A sheet of wraps costs £15, giving you 2 full applications on both hands (more if you make your own templates with some tape & the bigger sizes) or feet. I only use them on my hands, but I don’t think I’ve ever had an application last less than 2 weeks. I’m not a foot person, but I’ve heard that jams last up to 4 weeks on toes.

Jamberry nail wraps

Jamberry nail wraps are really easy to apply – they’re heat activated, so you can even do it with a hairdryer. I personally bought the mini heater, because I like to do my nails whilst watching a film or talking to someone and a hairdryer is too noisy for that! They can be mixed & matched or layered over pretty much anything. Just got shellacs? Gels? Add clear, patterned jams on top. You can really get creative with these wraps; the possibilities are literally endless.


Conventionally, all you have to do is choose the right size wrap for your nail, heat it for 2-3 seconds, peel it, stick it onto your nail, smooth it out, heat it for a few more seconds, ensure all edges are stuck, cut off any excess and file the edges down. Voila~
[There are a few other application methods demonstrated on Youtube which may be preferable for anyone having struggles (I change things up every so often) as everyone’s nails are different!]

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What I love most about these wraps (aside from the beautiful designs) is that they don’t damage your nails. The only way to damage your nails is through poor removal (*guilty*), but this isn’t a fault in the product. Also a massive added bonus is the no drying time – I love being able to do my nails and get straight on with what I need to do.. even hop into the shower!


Jamberry nail wraps can be removed with a normal nail varnish remover, it just takes a little patience. Jamberry has led me to see the difference between a £1 nail varnish remover and something more pricey. They have their own nail wrap & lacquer remover, the smaller bottle going for £19… (“WHAT?!” I hear you shout..) well it’s worth every penny. A little goes a long way and your nails are left repaired, shiny and smooth.


On the whole, I don’t have to adapt to Jams. They adapt to me. I’ve only ever had an issue with picking at things (i.e: trying to pick sellotape off a box) which might crumple the front of my wraps a bit, but this is avoidable. Otherwise, they don’t chip or generally get damaged at all.
My naked nails are prone to bending, breaking and chipping, but with these wraps on they’re much stronger.

I haven’t used nail varnish since around March. Jamberry nail wraps definitely get a big thumbs up from me!

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