HUGE Drugstore Makeup & Beauty Haul

Whilst I’ve been away from my blog, I’ve been hitting the shops. Retail therapy is the best, right?

I love seeing other peoples’ beauty hauls, so I’m really excited to be doing one myself!

All prices accurate at the time of posting

Drugstore beauty haul


In Boots, I’d found the Rimmel Only 1 Matte Lipstick in “Trendsetter” (£6.99|$9.37) but the formula was too dry, so I was on the hunt for something similar but creamy.
I ended up in MAC because their lipstick range is massive and popular for all the right reasons. I left with “Cherish” (£16.50|$22.12) which is a satin finish and a 99% shade match to the Rimmel lipstick.


Back to Boots on my hunt for the perfect beige-toned nude lipstick, I also picked up the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (£6|$8.04) in the shade “Abu Dhabi”

Nyx soft matte lip cream abu dhabi

…and L’Oreal’s Matte Lip Paint in “Babe-In” (£6.99|$9.37). Very similar colours, but there’s always something different, isn’t there?

L'Oreal Matte Lip Paint

I’m constantly drawn to nude and mauve lip products! Whilst I was at the NYX counter getting the above, I also picked up the Liquid Suede cream lipstick in the shade “Soft-Spoken” (£7|$9.38). I heard this is less drying than the Lip Lingerie range.

Nyx Liquid Suede soft spoken

I spotted the Rimmel Lasting Finish lip liners (£2.99|$4.01), so grabbed “Spice” which works so well with all my nude lipsticks, ha! It’s also fantastic on it’s own.

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I went into Kiko one day and found the Smart Fusion Lipstick in “433” (£3.90|$5.23) – this is a weird one. I haven’t figured it out yet… It’s super creamy and hydrating though.

kiko smart lipstick

I somehow also ended up in Primark, and I left with a lip liner pencil I don’t think you can sharpen. It was only £1 ($1.34) though.


Base Makeup

Having tanned over summer, I needed a slightly darker foundation. I’d seen the Rimmel Wake Me Up range floating around the internet, so decided to give that a go. I originally picked the foundation up in “Classic Beige” (£8.99|$12.04) but it was pink as hell, so I went back for “True Ivory” (doesn’t sound like a tan colour at all…) which was a better match, but still too pink for me. Moral of the story: I suck at colour matching my own foundation.

To go with the foundation, I also got the Wake Me Up concealer in “Ivory” (£6.49|$8.70) – the lightest shade, great for brightening & highlighting.

Rimmel wake me up concealer in ivory

Because one concealer isn’t enough and I clearly have a problem, I also got the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in “Light” (£8.99|$12.04).

Bourjois healthy mix concealer

I had a lot of Boots points to spend, so I decided to try out a travel size Benefit Porefessional primer (£10.50|$14.07). I doubt I would have got this if I couldn’t pay with my points; I think it’s a steep price for 7.5ml. The full size version is £26 ($34.83) – I honestly doubt I’ll ever go for the full size unless it works miracles.

Travel size benefit porefessional

And because, as previously mentioned, I have a problem.. I also got the NYX Pore Filler primer (£11|$14.74). I want to see how this compares to the Porefessional, considering the price difference.



Finally got my hands on the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara! (£11.99|$16.08). Although it’s called “Lash Paradise Extatic” here, which confused me at first. It was discounted at Boots when I got it, but I don’t remember how much I paid..


My last Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner dried up because I hadn’t used it since Jan/Feb, so I got a new one (£5.99|$8.03).


I’m in need of many eye brushes, so I got 2 fluffy blending ones to start me off – one from Kiko (£10.90|$14.60) and one from NYX (£9|$12.06). The Kiko one was on sale for around £7 ($9.38). When actually applying eyeshadow, the Kiko one is quite prickly. I’m keen to try more NYX brushes!


Brown eyeshadow makes me happy and the only brown I owned was in a palette I didn’t want to travel with, so I picked up the single Smart Colour shadow from Kiko (£2.50|$3.35) in “Matte Cocoa”. Nicely pigmented, blendable and easy to wear – I love it.


I was browsing NYX eyeshadows and spotted the singles (£2.50|$3.35). I left with the last one in “Flustered” ..just couldn’t let anyone else have it.


Skin & Hair Care

Okay, we’ve reached the final category. I’m sorry to everyone and my bank account that I have no self control when it comes to buying beauty products.

The 2 in 1 Neutrogena mask/face wash retails for £3.79 in the UK($5.08) but when I was in France, they were on sale for around 2€ (£1.75|$2.35) so I bought one. Cheapest face mask of my life.


I’m a sucker for The Body Shop. I picked up the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel initially (£18|$24.12), because it’s supposed to help fight the negative effects of pollution on the skin.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

…And then I ended up getting the new Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask (£17|$22.78), because these masks are always excluded from promotions but I had a 20% discount code specifically for it. Ended up paying £13.60 ($18.23).

The body shop japanese matcha pollution clearing face mask

After hearing so many things about Lush face masks, I ended up getting one. Obviously. I got “Don’t Look At Me” (£7.50|$10.05) which has exfoliating particles and also helps with hydration. I personally don’t like the fact that it has to be kept in the fridge and it expires after a month, but it’s been nice to try.

Lush don't look at me face mask

I’ve been loving The Body Shop’s Peppermint Foot Rescue Cream for months now, so thought I’d try the scrub version (£7.50|$10.05)

The body shop peppermint foot scrub

When I was in Sephora a few months ago, I got a sample of this Rituals hand balm (£9.50|$12.59). It smells divine and isn’t overly greasy, as many hand creams are. It’s very thick, but you don’t need much! I expect this to last ages.

Ritual of Ayurveda hand cream

Last but not least, I wanted to buy something for my hair, because I honestly don’t look after it as well as I should. I’ve tried OGX shampoos/conditioners in the past and enjoyed them, so I got their Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist (£6.99|$9.37). This is supposed to help prevent breakage, and it smells divine.

OGX coconut hair oil


If anyone made it to the end – congrats and thanks 🙂
Is there anything on this list you’d like to see a review on first? Have you tried any of the products? Done your own beauty haul recently?

I honestly don’t have a blogging schedule atm, but I’ll be back soon.

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  1. I’ve used the Porefessional as well as the NYX Pore Filler. I actually prefer the NYX as the texture is slightly different and more to my liking. Plus, it works really well to minimize my pores.

    • I have dry/combination skin but it doesn’t seem to have any negative effects which is good. I mostly got it in the hopes that it would reduce the size of my pores but I’m not really seeing any difference. It’s good at extending makeup wear though, I just think the NYX one does the same at a fraction of the price. I’m not sold yet 😛

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