Hair Removal: Home IPL | Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

When I started shaving, my mum led me to believe my hair would eventually stop growing.
…If you’re raising an eyebrow right now, I understand.
Can you imagine the horror I felt when my hairs started to grow back thicker, longer and in 2s?

Over the years, I’ve also tried waxing and epilating. Neither of these methods worked out the way I expected, so more recently I’ve been playing with a home IPL device.

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What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. 
Quite simply, it’s a series of scattered lights of varying intensities that target the hair-producing follicles and put them to sleep.
This helps to prevent hair re-growth for a prolonged amount of time, but it isn’t a permanent hair removal solution.
IPL is not to be confused with laser hair removal, which can only be done in a controlled setting with a professional.

This hair removal method is supposed to be most effective on light skin tones with dark hair.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

Cost & Treatment Cycle

I took the plunge and bought the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 from Amazon for a discounted price of £300. The full price was something ridiculous like £600.
£300 might still seem like a hefty price tag, but when you add up the cost of laser hair removal in a clinic and all the repeat treatments you need, it actually starts to seem like a more economical option (if it works, of course!)

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In the box, you get the device with 2 interchangeable heads of different sizes, the power pack with a Type G plug & (I believe) Type I plug, a Venus razor, a gorgeous travel case and of course, instructions.

All components of home IPL device
kit packed in travel case

The advice is to do weekly treatments for 4-12 weeks, then continue as needed.
By the 12 week mark, hair growth should be significantly reduced and you should only need to treat every couple of months going forwards.

First Impressions

I am in love with the travel case. It’s sleek with a lovely texture and fits everything in nicely.
I’m not sure why the dividers are attached to the sides with velcro though, as they’re sewn to the bottom of the case and can’t be removed.

The device itself is quite clunky, but easy to manoeuvre and not very heavy.

Preparation & Pain

You should shave before IPL to maximise success chance, as the light will have less distance to travel to the root of the hair.

Venus Razor Top

I did 16-18 weeks of shaving before IPL, but since my skin doesn’t react very well to shaving, I decided to try epilating instead. Epilating is much more comfortable.

The IPL device has a larger head which covers a decent surface area and helps speed up the leg process.

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There’s also a smaller head for more intimate and hard to reach areas.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 interchangeable heads

It’s super easy to change the heads. Just pull one off and click the other in!

Treatment window glass with burn marks

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 is generally painless; like a light needle prick in most places. The device has 3 intensity levels, but I’ve only had to drop from the maximum intensity once or twice.
I found my legs to be the most troublesome for the first couple of treatments. It often felt like an electric shock, which would make me pause between pulses. According to the guidelines, this is a completely normal sensation and you can keep going.

Overall, home IPL is a very quick process. I’m able to do my underarms, legs and bikini line in around 10-15mins.

The device is safe and fool-proof. There are plates on the left and right of the head which must both make contact with your skin to trigger the flash, so no worries about blinding yourself.
The SensoAdapt meter on both sides of the device will light up to show how close you are to both plates touching your skin, so you can adjust accordingly.

SensoAdapt meter on Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

When powered up there’s a sound of air blowing, but it’s definitely a bearable level of noise.

There’s a slight learning curve with this device, simply because you don’t see hairs disappearing before your eyes. This makes it a little awkward for first time users to avoid going over the same spots and sensitising the skin. It takes a few sessions to adapt.

You should stay out of the sun as much as possible when using a home IPL device, particularly in the 24 hours after each treatment, so I don’t recommend starting this process over the summer like I did.

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How to clean the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

The instruction manual states that you “should inspect the skin tone sensors and treatment window for damage and wipe them down with a dry, lint free cloth. If any marks or black spots are seen, clean them off straight away.
To ensure maximum performance, keep the heads and built-in reflectors free from dirt, hair or other debris. Do not clean in water, but use a dry cloth for cleaning them carefully.

This has been somewhat impossible.
Firstly, it would have been good if Braun had provided an appropriate, lint free cloth. Aside from that, I’ve found that the marks and black spots that appeared in the treatment window are burnt in and I can’t remove them. Not to mention the fact that the windows are very small and I can barely fit my fingers in!

Despite slight cleaning difficulties, this hasn’t affected the performance of the product in any way.


Shaving + IPL:
At the 16-18 week mark, I still had to shave a few days after each home IPL treatment.

A few more weeks in and results were not as good as I had hoped. In certain areas, there was a noticeable reduction in hair growth or at least hairs were growing back significantly thinner, but there was no consistency and I was very patchy.

Epilating + IPL:
The results of this surprised me a lot.
After just 4 weeks, I barely had any hairs to remove for weeks. The results were also a lot more even than with shaving.

I’m currently loving this! There’s nothing more annoying than having to squeeze hair removal into your routine every other day, and this is no longer something I have to worry about.

Overall verdict

If you’re ok with epilating or waxing, I would highly recommend the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5.

If you find that epilating or waxing hurts too much, this could still be a good alternative if you’re ok with shaving and willing to part with the cash.

I definitely wouldn’t rule out professional laser hair removal at this point, but I’m not as drawn to it as I was before. I’m happy with epilating + home IPL.

Have you tried home IPL? Or did you choose the laser route? Or are you just fortunate enough to get away with a more basic hair removal method?

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10 Responses

  1. If you are epilating before using the IPL then you’ll never see real results. The epilator is pulling the entire hair out make the laser ineffective on the “hair follicle” because you’ve pulled it out. There is a reason you need to shave and that’s because you leave behind the hair follicles for the laser to actually zap and kill. Epilating is the same as waxing and can take 8-12 weeks for the hair to grow back… prolonging the length of time you have to use the IPL. It’s best if you follow the instructions instead of doing your own thing

    • Thanks for the input. As stated, I followed the instructions and shaved before IPL for 16-18 weeks and was not seeing the desired/expected results. That’s why I decided to experiment with epilating, which I also personally don’t get the typical results from on its own. My hair grows back quickly (i.e within a week or 2, not 8-12 weeks) and when paired with the IPL device, I did find that some of my hairs did not grow back so this was my preferred route in terms of results, but not time. I understand the general science behind the different hair removal methods, regrowth etc, but one shoe does not always fit all.

    • It’s definitely better if you wax or epilate beforehand instead of shaving, but then you have that extra expense. I think as newer models get released and the price of this drops it could be worth it, but it really is steep at the moment if you don’t REALLY need it. Thanks for reading! x

    • That’s true! The balance of pros and cons is way too equal. I think ultimately there really is nothing that beats professional laser hair removal. x

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