My Health & Fitness Journey: Gym Anxiety, Home Workouts & Food

Knowing that I had 2 hot country holidays in 2019, I also knew I needed to get fitter.
If I feel healthy, I feel confident.

Between November 2018 and April 2019, I was exclusively doing cardio. After conquering my first round of gym anxiety, I managed 1 hour, 3-4 days a week, but I was also snacking excessively. Whilst I did lose fat, get fitter and feel more comfortable overall, I didn’t reach my goal.
It was ok, though.

When I got back from my April holiday, I struggled to get back into exercise. My gym anxiety came back full force.

In June, I signed up for 10 weeks of personal training in the hopes that I’d get into a routine, snap out of my gym anxiety and be able to pick things up on my own at the end of my sessions.
This ended up extending to 20 weeks, and I never managed to shake my gym anxiety so I was exclusively doing 1:1 sessions once a week.

Obviously I wasn’t exercising enough, so I started clean eating aswell.
Clean eating is important for so many things: muscle repair, fighting illness, keeping energy levels up, and so much more. Living off junk leaves you feeling lethargic; you just feel the unhealthiness.
There are so many easy ways to incorporate healthier options, such as throwing a load of fruit into a blender and making a smoothie as a snack. This also helps me eat healthy foods I don’t like eating on their own, like blueberries. There isn’t really any excuse.

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Personal training sparked a new love for strength training. I couldn’t imagine doing straight up cardio anymore. So I got some dumbbells, resistance bands and a yoga mat to do some strength training at home. A lot of my routine incorporated body weight exercises.


By August, I felt great.
In the lead up to my November holiday, I had let things slip a bit. I was junk snacking, but exercising at home on top of my PT sessions was helping counter that. Somewhat.
Again, I didn’t hit my holiday goal but it was ok. I’d done better than expected and I felt pretty healthy.

My fitness journey taught me a lot. Not just about clean eating and regular exercise, but also about the importance of getting enough sleep and keeping stress levels down.

High stress levels, all round poor mental health and lack of sleep gets your defences down. You get sick much easier and much more often.
No amount of exercise can prevent that. Ensuring you’re mentally healthy is just as important as making sure you’re physically healthy.

I’m hoping to get back into a reasonable fitness routine sooner rather than later, but I’ll be taking baby steps and trying not to be so hard on myself.
I haven’t exercised since I got back from my 2 week holiday in November and I’ve been junk snacking non-stop. Needless to say the result is terrible.
I’m thrilled to have learnt that you absolutely don’t need to go cold-turkey on the junk food. It’s absolutely okay to junk snack in moderation. So that’s the goal.

I’ve been following Kelsey Wells on Instagram for a while now, and I think I’m almost ready to take the plunge and sign up for PWR at Home on the SWEAT app.
At around £90 for the year, it’s way cheaper than a face to face personal trainer but informative enough to produce amazing results, and it doesn’t require a gym membership if you don’t want it to.

Has anyone tried the SWEAT app? I’ve seen amazing progress photos on Instagram.
Are you on a fitness journey of your own? I’d love to hear about it.

Home workout gear to combat gym anxiety

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