Diving Into 2017

Happy new year everyone!

2016 was a very average year for me. Below are some things I want to work on to make 2017 more exciting and generally epic.

  • Stop spending aimlessly; start budgeting. Time to get serious about saving money and moving abroad.
    • Note to self: This means not buying jams every month!
  • Find a career; something I care about. I’m over these dragging work days, doing things I don’t really want to be doing just because I need an income. Time to find something I enjoy, that pays well enough for me to do the above and more.
  • Pass my driving test….. This should be happening soon, fingers crossed.
  • Focus on the positives – I’m considering writing one or two good things that happen each week and keeping them in a jar until the end of the year, when I can look back on them all and see how great 2017’s been.
  • Make an effort for the people that matter and distance myself from the negative ones. I’ve lost a fair few amazing people through negligence and selfishness, it’s time to break that habit.
  • Be more active & leave the house more.
  • Take more photos & start scrapbooking again.
  • Kick anxiety’s butt. This is what I want to work on most, above everything else. I’ve been trying inconsistently for years, subconsciously; never really saw it as a goal. Conquering my anxiety would open so many doors for me. If I do nothing else in 2017, I want to be able to say I made a conscious effort to fight my anxiety.

These things are quite generic, I guess, and some people might not think things like “focus on the positives” are list-worthy – things like that are obvious. Yeah, they are, but it’s also easier for some than others. These are things I want to actively focus on and invest time and energy into.

I look forward to re-visiting this post in a year to see how I’ve done!

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