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I’ve been looking into different eye cream options for a while now because quite frankly, I’m fed up of my dark circles and puffiness. I was extremely lucky to have been given the Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex by a friend.

Prices accurate at the time of posting

Dermalogica is a reputable skincare brand and some of their products carry pretty hefty price tags. This is one of them. Honestly, I would never have paid £64 for an eye cream. Plus, I would never have thought to browse an anti-aging range because at the time of writing, I’m only 24.

dermalogica eye cream

Packaging & First Impressions

All eye creams seem to be packaged similarly regardless of price – either in a small tub or a squeezy tube. This one is in a squeezy tube which I appreciate, because it’s convenient, light, great for traveling and easy to get the right amount of product out. It should also be easier to get the end few drops out. Looking at it though, you’d never guess the price, ha! But it’s normal for skincare packaging to be way more toned down than makeup products, so I’m not fussed.

Its been around 4 months since I started using the Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex. The directions state to apply every other night until the eyes get used to it; then use every night.

This is a really pleasantly lightweight cream, with a faint scent. I find the scent to be quite medicinal and I’m not a fan, but it’s so faint it becomes unnoticeable once the product is applied.

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It took around 3 weeks of bi-nightly use for my eyes to get used to the cream, but I definitely saw results within a few days. Puffiness has only been very slightly reduced, but the lessening of darkness is significant. 

The outer half of my under eyes are no longer dark, which is an absolute miracle for me. That said, since seeing those results after around a month, things haven’t changed. The inner half of my eyes are still extremely dark and I still have a lot of puffiness. I’ve also found that my right eye has cleared better than my left. In terms of moisturisation, my under eyes feel soft but makeup can still very easily look dry and cakey in this area – I honestly expected more moisture. I can’t comment on wrinkles, because, well, I don’t have those yet!

Whether I use this cream every night or I skip a day here and there, the results remain the same. I still need help from a colour correcting concealer under my eyes before trying to brighten the area.


I intend to keep using this product until it runs out, but I certainly won’t be purchasing another. I recon this could easily last a full year because the tiniest bit goes such a long way, but I still find £64 to be a very steep price tag! Especially since I stopped seeing improvements after only a month.

My next venture will be The Body Shop’s Vitamin E eye cream, which claims to do similar things (reduce puffiness/darkness). I’m convinced that price doesn’t necessarily reflect efficiency.

Although this eye cream has produced the most positive results of all the eye creams I’ve tried so far, in a short amount of time, I don’t think it’s fantastic enough to recommend. If you have the money to splurge and are in an older age group, go for it, it wouldn’t be a horrendous decision; if you don’t, you’re not missing out on anything life changing.

I’d give the Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex a solid 3/5 because I saw quick results I hadn’t expected. The drawbacks for me are the price tag, lack of moisture and frozen results after a month.

The hunt for a cheap alternative that produces similar results continues!

Have you tried the Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex, or do you have another eye cream you can’t live without?

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  1. you make me want to buy it. I’m kind of an eye cream whore though. I get a ton of them through ipsy. Also, you should convert USD next to your prices in parentheses because im lazy.

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