Sustainable Periods with DAME | Reusable Tampon Applicator & Pads

Are you one of the many people who prefer to use tampons over pads? I sure am.
According to statistics, the average person will use around 11,000 tampons in their lifetime.

That’s a LOT of tampons.

It can be easy to gravitate towards brands like Tampax who offer tampons with a disposable applicator, but more environmentally friendly options are becoming more widely available.

Sustainable Periods with DAME

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Towards the end of 2020, I stumbled upon the brand DAME.
You might have caught them in my post on Sustainable Health & Beauty earlier this year.

DAME makes periods more sustainable by offering a reusable tampon applicator, reusable pads and organic tampons.

The company has a very simple yet serious mission and I love everything they stand for [see more here].

Reusable Tampon Applicator | £19.99 – £23.79

DAME offers a reusable tampon applicator, which is compatible with most applicator-free tampon brands and fits a whole range of sizes, from regular to super plus. It’s designed to last for 12,000 uses – essentially a lifetime.

When I first researched this, I was mind-blown.
I was also really surprised that there aren’t more of these on the market.
Whilst the plunger concept may seem very simple, I expect the sanitary aspects are harder to get right.

The finish of the material is more on the matte side, is very flexible/ergonomic and feels extremely comfortable.

Reusable Tampon Applicator

Containing antibacterial materials and a protective cap, this applicator is able to keep itself clean and sanitary. You only have to rinse it under the tap after use.

The antibacterial materials are also a godsend if you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable rinsing your period products in a public bathroom. You can just wipe off the excess blood and pop the lid back on until you reach a more comfortable setting.

That said, DAME is all about encouraging openness when it comes to periods. It shouldn’t be such a taboo and we shouldn’t feel the need to shy away.

It’s slightly more time consuming to use a reusable tampon applicator, but once you get used to it it’s really no big deal. For all the benefits, it’s absolutely worth it.

The reusable tampon applicator can be purchased on its own for £19.99, or as part of a set for £23.79.

TIP: The set is available at Boots if you’re in the UK – rack up those advantage card points!

I bought the set, which comes with the addition of a storage tin, a few organic tampons and a little travel pouch. I also got a box of regular and super organic tampons to test.

DAME Reusable Tampon Set and Regular Super Tampons

It can often be awkward to find discrete storage for period products, which is why I love the storage tin. It’s small enough not to stick out like a sore thumb, but big enough to house loads of tampons AND the applicator.

I think DAME hit the nail on the head with this product.
I’ve been using the reusable tampon applicator for 6 months now, with zero irritation or difficulties.

Reusable Panty Liner | £9.99

Like many, I’m not a huge fan of pads.

If you’ve ever read the leaflet inside a box of tampons, you’ll know that the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is increased the more you use tampons and the longer you leave them in. It’s recommended that you try to switch up your tampon use with pads where possible, so I do.

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Reusable pads and “period pants” are some of the more common sustainable period products on the market.

This liner fastens with a popper, which I don’t love.
I bought 2 to alternate, and after around 3 months the material around one of the poppers started to tear. This doesn’t seem like a great option for frequent use in the long term, as the outer material of the pad is quite flimsy. Comfortable and soft, but flimsy.
The second liner is hanging in there, so I’m hoping I just got one defective product and I’m not giving up yet.

The thin outer fabric and popper design can mean that the pad will shift or rotate a bit when you move around, but I find this also depends on the underwear you use. Thankfully, I’ve found what works for me.

Logically, the thinner the underwear, the worse I’ve found the rotation. This might be something to bear in mind if you absolutely can’t work with thicker underwear.

Being made of fabric, there are no weird noises when you move.
I’m also super impressed by the absorbency and I’ve never had any issues with leakage.

It folds nicely and becomes extremely compact, making it the perfect travel companion.

Compact DAME Panty Liner

I really love that this product doesn’t retain any awful smells and is super easy to clean. You can rinse it under the cold tap until the water runs clear and reuse it once it has fully air-dried.

Similar to the reusable tampon applicator, if you don’t feel comfortable rinsing your pad or liner in public you can button it like the photo above and put it in a pouch until you reach a comfortable setting.
Depending on how much the liner is holding and how long you plan to be out for, you may prefer to try DAME’s dry bag instead of a regular pouch.

The dry bag is described as being air-tight, odour-tight and water-tight. It can be purchased alone or as a set with their range of pads. I have the set arriving soon and I’m so excited to try it!

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If you’re putting your liner to hard use or it just feels right to do so, you can throw it in the washing machine on a 40 degree wash. I try not to do this too often as I don’t want to stretch and wear the material or ruin the absorbency too quickly. I also don’t use fabric softener, to avoid ruining the quick-dry technology.

Currently £8.99, this is a fantastic way to save money on disposable liners whilst simultaneously protecting the environment from all the extra plastic.

Organic Tampons | £3.29

Regular, non-organic tampons can contain small traces of chemicals, fragrance and plastics. The cotton can be treated with pesticides or be bleached.

Organic tampons contain none of the above and you can feel much more at ease about what you’re putting into your body.

That said, you should still ensure you’re changing your tampons every 4-8 hours to reduce the risk of TSS. Organic tampons don’t cancel out the risk.

Whilst the DAME reusable tampon applicator is compatible with other tampon brands too, I love DAME’s tampons.
An added bonus is that they’re wrapped in biodegradable cellophane.

DAME Reusable Tampon Applicator Set

TIP: Boots stocks packs of regular and super DAME tampons, but not super plus.

Organic Tampon Subscription | 34 for £8.50

I opted into the DAME tampon subscription service, which is the most convenient thing.

TIP: If you purchase the subscription along with the reusable tampon applicator OR applicator set, you get your first round of tampons FREE.

You can choose a single type (i.e: just regular) or mix 2 types. All options are currently £8, usually £8.50. I opted for just regulars, as I find them to be super absorbent and reliable compared to the “regular” options from other brands, yet they’re so small!

Regular Tampon Comparison

You pick the delivery frequency (1-4 months), and they fit through your letterbox so you don’t need to worry about missing a delivery when you’re out.

DAME Letterbox Tampons

You also have the option to pause your subscription, which is nice.

DAME Customer Service | ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Due to the high demand for DAME’s reusable products, I experienced some significant delays in delivery.
DAME makes it clear on their website that this delay exists and they send email updates, so I had no issue with this.

Any small issues I had were sorted in a timely and professional manner by the DAME team.

I’m a strong believer in good customer service and I won’t support companies that don’t deliver that.

DAME has my loyalty and I highly recommend them (particularly the reusable tampon applicator!) to anyone looking into more sustainable, high quality, eco-friendly period options that won’t break the bank.
I can’t wait to test the pads and dry bag.

Have you ever tried a reusable tampon applicator or a reusable pad? Have you heard of DAME?

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