Cushion Foundations: L’Oreal Nude Magique vs. Code Glokolor

Honestly, I hadn’t planned for this post to happen yet… But I went a little crazy as soon as I tried the L’Oreal Nude Magique cushion, so I thought I’d just put that craziness into writing.

Good crazy? Bad crazy?


Earlier in the year I’d been given the gift of a Code Glokolor cushion foundation and I was so impressed. Not only was the packaging to die for (photos below – Moomins are my absolute fave), but the product sat surprisingly well on my troublesome skin, looked beautifully natural and stayed put for a decent amount of time.

Coincidentally, cushion products started to become really popular in high street stores in the UK shortly after. Exciting! I wouldn’t have to wait for this person to go to Korea each time I wanted a replacement. Well…


First Impressions

At £15, the price is acceptable for a high street foundation. The L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion had a lot of positive reviews and I like a few other L’Oreal products, so this seemed like a good shout.

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Packaging wise, I feel it looks quite cheap. Like, cheaper than it’s £15 value. If I were still of school age, I’d probably appreciate it more.
On the plus side the mirror is pretty cool, but I think the container is a tad too bulky for me to use it solely as a travel mirror.

…I didn’t even take photos of the damn thing…

  1. The consistency is more watery than any product I can think of, there’s literally no substance to it
  2. Dewy? If you wanna call the ridiculous level of wetness, dewiness, sure..
  3. Glow? Shininess from wetness.. Not the right kind of glow..
  4. Coverage? What coverage?
  5. If you don’t lift the applicator properly as you pat the product on, it squeaks horrifically
  6. The colour selection is limited, I don’t think my shade actually exists

I was testing this as I was in a hurry to go out, so kept it on my cheeks but had to go over my chin, upper lip and t-zone with an actual foundation. Powder was an absolute necessity.
8 hours later, I’m pretty sure my cheeks were foundation-free.

L’Oreal Nude Magique rating: 2/5

For those with good skin, needing minimal coverage for just a couple of hours, I guess this product would be suitable. You get an SPF of 29.. not 30, but 29. I’d just say be careful with colour selection and be gentle when pressing into the cushion because holy wow, a lot of liquid oozes.
I like the shiny lid (though it’s so reflective I can’t actually photograph it), but all in all the packaging doesn’t look or feel very sturdy. The product doesn’t come in a box, so it’s a mission to find a non-damaged one in stores because people are feral.. The lid gets dirty/scratched so easily – I like to keep my things looking as pristine as possible so this kinda upsets me.
Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be touching this product again….

Code Glokolor Cushion Foundation rating: 4/5

For a similar price, the Code Glokolor cushion has a lot more substance than the L’Oreal one. It’s dewy not just wet, the shades are great, you can definitely get a medium coverage out of it, it stays put for the day if set with a powder (though it won’t turn fully matte), it has SPF50+ (PA+++), the packaging is really sturdy/robust despite also being plastic and the product comes in a box (which I no longer have), the sponge is brilliant (doesn’t squeak), the mirror is great… I just love it.

As this was the very beginning of my cushion foundation discovery, I started out using way too much of this product meaning it only lasted me around a month. I’d definitely repurchase to see how much I could improve on that (the only thing stopping it being a 5/5!)

If anyone loves an affordable cushion foundation (that can be purchased in the UK) as much as I love the Code Glokolor one, please let me know! Super keen to find a decent, more accessible one.

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