Clarins Cleansing Milk: Review | Luxury or Fail?

I should start by confessing that I’m a bit of a cleanser addict and a bit of a diva when it comes to these products.

I got the Clarins Cleansing Milk (with alpine herbs & moringa) at TK Maxx many months ago for under £20. The RRP seems to be around £20-24 for 200ml, but you can’t get it directly from Clarins anymore. A fairly average price for the size, but I’m glad to have found it discounted.

**It seems like this moringa version has been DISCONTINUED and replaced by the Velvet Milky Cleanser**

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First Impressions & Packaging

Clarins is a reputable mid-high range brand and this is the first and only product by them that I own. I was partially drawn in by the light green colour and overall cute design.

The packaging of this product is very basic, and its been a bit of an annoyance that the lid doesn’t align properly with the hole. I might have just got a dud.
I generally prefer a pump bottle for ease of use.

lid of clarins cleansing milk doesn't align with the hole

The Clarins Cleansing Milk is thinner than other milky cleansers I’ve tried.
This makes me use a larger quantity than I would with my average cleanser.
I find it quite watery, and have to be extra careful not to get it into my eyes. This was a lesson I learnt the hard way.
I’ve found that the best method is to rub the product thoroughly around my entire face before using any excess over the eyes.

Advertised as being suitable for normal/dry skin, my combo-dry skin has no issues. My skin is left feeling soft and hydrated, with no tightness.
I do appreciate the “anti-pollution” aspect aswell, which makes it feel more suitable as a morning product.

I’m content with this as a morning cleanse but don’t feel comfortable using it in the evening, even as a second cleanse.
It claims to remove all makeup and impurities, but I’ve tried using this as both a first and second cleanse and it definitely doesn’t do a great job.

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Clarins Advice

The advice from Clarins is actually to “warm Cleansing Milk to skin temperature in the palms of your hands. Apply by gently placing the flat of your hands over the face and neck, without pressing on the skin. Place your hands on the face and then briskly lift them off as if your skin was burning. Repeat 5 or 6 times: the milk will thicken and create a suction effect to lift off make-up and impurities without irritating or pulling the skin. Rinse with warm water or remove with a tissue.”

I find this completely bizarre and could never cleanse like this. For the sake of testing, I did try to follow these instructions and yes, it does thicken the product slightly, but I couldn’t stop myself eventually rubbing the product around my face. The results were definitely not optimal.


The Clarins Cleansing Milk is scented and that’s something you absolutely cannot miss when you first use it.
At this stage, I’ve almost finished the bottle and I’m still not keen on the smell, I’ve just gotten used to it.
My skin is not overly sensitive to fragrance, but my nose could do with something nicer. That’s just personal preference.


This product will be fine for you if:
1. You are okay with potently scented products
2. You are only looking for a morning cleanser
3. You want something lightweight and hydrating

Even if this product hadn’t been discontinued, I wouldn’t buy it again.
The smell is not the nicest, and I much prefer being able to use my morning cleanser as a second cleanse in the evening too.
If you have to follow a weird, specific cleansing method to get results, count me out.
For the price, there are way better products on the market.

I don’t recommend this product for makeup removal at all, especially for eye makeup.

I’m still curious about Clarins as a brand, but I think they’re better suited to serums and creams.

Have you tried any of the Clarins Cleansing Milks?

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