Christmas Gift Ideas

Below is a list of Christmas gift ideas for both adults and children. These are items I’m giving friends and family for Christmas this year. Perhaps someone can find something useful here for upcoming birthdays or Christmas another year – almost everything on this list is under £20; several items under £10.

Beauty Drawers & Cotton Pad Holder – Primark

I have 3 of the drawers myself – they’re really handy for storing smaller beauty products and extra convenient because they stack.
I also have a cotton pad holder and think it’s a really sleek, inexpensive way to store cotton pads instead of keeping them in their noisy bags.

Pyjamas – Primark

Because PJs. Because cosy. It may surprise some people, but Primark PJs aren’t bad at all. I have a few pairs that have lasted years.

Anker Power Bank – Amazon

A portable charger for your electricals on the go? Game changer. I thought this was perfect for my friend that is always running out of phone battery really quickly.

Pukka Cleanse Tea – Any Supermarket

Cheeky stocking filler. I recommend this tea to everyone. It’s so relaxing… (No one has disagreed so far!)

Curved Nail Scissors – Boots

Another cheeky stocking filler.. To better apply jams! (What are jams?)

Peppermint Foot Scrub – The Body Shop

Simply because this is a pot of magic for anyone that spends a lot of time on their feet.

Teapigs Pick’n’Mix (12)

Earlier this year my dad and I decided to try different teas together, so this seemed like the perfect gift. Impressively, you can choose your own 12 tea flavours and you get 2 teabags of each. I love the quality of Teapigs tea.

Cartier Baiser Volé Perfume – The Fragrance Shop

My mum recently got a sample of this and loved it, so I thought an actual bottle wouldn’t go amiss. One of the pricier items on this list, but worth every penny for a fragrance lover.

Sushi Set – Flying Tiger of Copenhagen

For the biggest sushi lover I know: 2 cute little dishes, chopsticks and a chopstick stand.

For Children

I find children really hard to shop for! Either they’re at that awkward age where they aren’t interested in receiving clothes, they have everything they need/want or they want things I can’t afford. Or just a combination of those things.
My attempt this year:

White dress (7 year old) – Primark

7 is a good age for girl shopping and clothes are more appreciated! I’ve been told white is her favourite colour, so I’m hoping this goes down well.

Fleece PJs: Minnie Mouse & Thumper (5 & 2 year old) – Primark

2 years old or 62, who doesn’t like receiving PJs…?

Screwball scramble (8 year old) – Amazon

Well apparently this was on the Christmas list, boom.

Star Wars Lego (6 year old) – Amazon

Lego, the bane of every parent’s life, I think! Always goes down a treat for little boys though.

Gas Out (6 & 7 year old) – Amazon

For a pair of kids that are endlessly amused by fart noises and generally anything poo/fart related. Simple enough luck based game – I’d totally get involved, it looks like a laugh.

What are your failsafe, go-to Christmas gift ideas? Do you like to get your Christmas shopping sorted months in advance, or are you a last minute shopper?

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