Chit Chat: Burns, Breakage & Holidays

I should put “disappearing without a word” in the skills section of my CV coz I’m bloody good at that! Apologies to anyone that cares.

October and November have been interesting.

Firstly, my laptop screen died. The same thing happened to my last laptop, except I spilled coffee on that one and kinda deserved the consequences. This one just gave up on me.
I’m waiting for Black Friday in the hopes that I’ll be able to get the laptop I want for slightly less than full price, but I’ll be getting it then regardless. It’s 2017, I don’t know how to survive without a fully functional laptop. Its been a long couple of months! Phones and tablets just don’t cut it for me.

THEN, on October 17th I burnt myself. I was sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a cup of tea between my legs [I fully boil water for tea and I don’t dilute it to make it cooler]. I thought there was a spider in my hair. Turns out it was just a fruit fly really close to my face, but it made me jump. Crossed legs, tea, sudden movement? Yeah. Second degree burns to the inner part of my left thigh and the sides of my right foot, complete with a lot of screaming and crying. Much, much drama *pretend faints*.

The whole burn situation put me out of action for over a week. Poor bandaging at the hospital made one wound much worse than it should have been, and subsequent changes brought a load of pain. I couldn’t walk properly, so I hardly did. This was around 10 days before I was due to go on holiday, so I was conscious I needed to heal fast too.

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I was actually extremely lucky [so f*ck the nurse that made me feel like utter crap and implied I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my holiday].
My bf was coming on the 28th, we had planned to go to Shocktoberfest on the 30th, we were flying out to Tenerife on the 31st, and we’d have a week in the UK after that.
Thankfully my thigh healed quite quickly, so I only had one thing to focus on: the foot.
I took all my bandages off on the 26th and spent 2 days on the sofa, trying to dry out any open wounds. Germolene was an absolute saviour, and so was Netflix.

By the 28th I only needed to use thin dressing pads for protection, I could wear socks and shoes again (finally), and I could walk at a decent pace.

I bought our Shocktoberfest tickets back in March and had been so excited for the event all year. I almost ended up selling them before the 26th, but I’m so glad I didn’t. We went, and it was amazing! I recommend it to anyone that likes a bit of a thrill around Halloween and doesn’t live too far from Crawley.

I guess blogging took a back seat for a number of reasons. My motivation to do anything was through the floor, my blogging motivation wasn’t helped by the fact that I hadn’t been using makeup for the best part of 3 weeks (because when you feel like shit, why not look like shit too?) and I didn’t have a laptop to write comfortably anyway. As of yesterday I’m borrowing a laptop until I get my own, but I’m also conscious that job hunting needs to be my top priority right now. 5 months unemployed and it sucks.

My burns still aren’t fully healed a month on, but the sensitivity is minor. Just waiting for the skin to re-strengthen and trying to combat scarring.

Lesson learnt: only drink tea at a table. I actually haven’t had tea at home since.. Guess I’ve put the fear in myself!

My next post will probably be about Tenerife & the following week we spent in the UK. It’ll be up before 2017 ends! (bloody hell) …And then hopefully by the new year (at the latest), I’ll be back on top of my beauty products and I’ll start writing about those again.

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