Biggest Takings of 2016

As always, December has been the time for everyone to reflect on the year gone by. There’s been a lot of sadness and pain amongst my small circle of friends this year, so at one point I automatically started saying 2016 had been rubbish.
I stopped to think about this properly the other day…

Overall, 2016 has been dull and uneventful for me. That said, I’ve learnt what I consider to be some of the most important life lessons and for that I’m extremely grateful.

I’ve learnt so much about positivity, judgement and mindfulness this year.
I was lucky enough to meet a really lovely person at the end of last year, and over the last 12 months our friendship unexpectedly blossomed. No matter what life throws at this girl, she takes it in her stride, believing that everything happens for a reason and good things will come in time. Taking time out to see her regularly over the months has done me a world of good; aside from taking me away from my negative day-to-day environment, this positive attitude has rubbed off on me at least slightly.
My dad is the other unicorn in my life, always telling me that literally everything in life comes from thoughts; things are only what you make them; that you should deal with what’s being said and the matters at hand as opposed to the person you’re communicating with, in order to prevent any form of judgement.

In terms of career, I let anxiety get in the way. I hold my hands up, knowing I could have pushed harder to be in a better position. That said, temporarily changing to part-time work has led me to see the importance of taking time out for myself, to just breathe and prepare for everything upcoming.
Breathing has been a difficult thing to master (as stupid as that sounds), but with the assistance of the Calm app, I feel like I’m well on my way to becoming a better composed, mindful person.

Time to start thinking about how to make 2017 great!

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