Adventuring: Switzerland & Paris

I’m an anxious person and I suck at dealing with change. Routine has always been my best friend; I like familiarity.
Recently, I’ve become extremely restless. I’m restless, but I can’t let go of my anxiety.
Days go by and I increasingly dislike being confined to the town I live in. Venturing into Central London is no longer as fascinating as it used to be.
Too anxious to travel or explore alone, but my travel companion works full time, plenty overtime, and lives in a different country.

Fortunately, the boyfriend (my travel companion, let’s call him K) and I were both able to get two weeks off work. If I wasn’t getting a beach holiday, I wanted mountains – I’m so bored of cities. So we decided to have a mini roadtrip to Switzerland.

Day 1: I took the Eurostar to Paris to meet K and we drove to the tiny village of Saulieu, in the Morvan Natural Park. Spent a night there to charge up ahead of the next day’s adventure.

Day 2: We reached our Air BnB in Annemasse where we stayed for 4 nights. Super convenient location! Literally a 5min drive to Geneva. We spent the later part of the afternoon in Geneva, walking by the lake and checking out the fountain. Pretty scenery, but probably not somewhere I’d visit again.


Day 3: We wanted to give Geneva more of a chance, so we left the car at the flat and took a bus into Geneva for the day. I have to say, Swiss public transport is so confusing!! We spent almost an hour trying to figure out what tickets we needed, no one was able to help, and by the end of it we still managed to get it wrong. A round trip for two people cost us 18 euros – what?! The roads also get crazy busy and bus journeys take ages on their fixed routes. In hindsight, we wish we’d taken the car. We strolled around the Old Town and spent a lot of time in Läderach, a chocolate shop. Oh my god the chocolate.

Day 4: Geneva wasn’t doing it for us. We planned to go to Mont Saleve and take a cable car to the top. We somehow managed to pass the cable car station and ended up driving up the mountain, but I don’t even care. It was such a beautiful route and getting to the top was just amazing. Time flew – we were admiring the view for hours! Eventually we had to leave because our stomachs were rumbling, but we did a slow drive down in a different direction. The mountain is actually huge and I was surprised at how many little villages there are; how much life there is in such a quiet, out there place. I didn’t really want to leave.


Day 5: Lauterbrunnen. Heaven on Earth. Literally. I still can’t find the words to describe the beauty of that place and how much I long to go back. K recently told me that this was the place that inspired Tolkien’s creation of Rivendell in Lord of the Rings and I get it. I’m just gonna leave these photos here, to give the vaguest idea of the magic we experienced:


We will definitely visit Lauterbrunnen again. Definitely. If I could retire in a place like that someday, I’m pretty sure my life would be complete. On top of all the natural beauty, the people there are so friendly – you really get a sense of community.


Day 6: Zurich. Another city. A mess of tram/electric bus cables. Wasn’t feeling it. Not after the previous day. This was the day we hunted for local food – quite a disappointment too. We ended up staying in a hotel for the night, as our new Air BnB host screwed us over. Sometimes all you need is a good old hotel – I was super impressed with the customer service too, considering we arrived after reception had closed, had to call the emergency helpline and they had to track down someone that spoke English/French. Thanks Co op!

Day 7: Back to Paris. The biggest slap in the face possible after experiencing such serenity and calm.

We spent 8 nights in Paris before I had to leave. For the most part, we tried to stay out of the chaos that is city life. We went to Disneyland to check out the new 25th anniversary rides and shows – the weather was fantastic, it wasn’t too busy, I loved it.


Currently experiencing a strong case of post-holiday blues; pining for our next adventure. There’s so much out there..

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