Hello 🙂

I’m Nicole.

Kiidonic selfie

“Tell us a bit about yourself”

The dreaded task.

Administrator by day, blogger by night, I started this blog because I wanted to provide honest and helpful beauty reviews for anyone that relies on them as much as I do.

Over the years, my love for beauty has shifted more towards skincare.
A good skincare routine creates a better canvas for makeup and doesn’t everyone love a smooth makeup application?

I occasionally write about general lifestyle topics too, as well as travel, which I hope to resume once the situation of the world settles down.
I miss hiking and exploring new parts of the world and nature.

You’ll mostly find me over on the ‘gram, since my love for product photography has grown through starting this blog.

When I’m not working, blogging or taking Instagram photos, you can find me knitting, watching something awful on Netflix, sleeping, shopping for everything I don’t need or reading a self-improvement book.

I’m a simpleton.

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