Short Trips: 6 Things to Do in Singapore

All this social distancing and isolation makes me feel super nostalgic and I yearn to travel even more than usual.
Times are strange. Let’s have a throwback to happier days… in Singapore!

Lucky for me, my brother decided to marry a Singaporean – in Singapore.


Singapore Hotels

We spent a few nights at the Intercontinental and 2 nights at the Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands

Unpopular opinion: Marina Bay Sands is overrated.
It’s so grand that it feels like an airport rather than a hotel. It doesn’t have that cosy factor. They even serve you drinks and ice-cream when you’re queuing to check in.

The infinity pool on the roof that’s so popular? It overlooks a load of banks, hotels and other buildings. To properly enjoy this, I expect you need to go on a properly sunny day or in the evening when the city is lit up. You also need to be okay with crowds.

The gym was in a completely different tower, so we didn’t end up going.
Sadly, we didn’t have time to go to the observation deck either. This is something I’d rather buy a ticket for whilst checking out the area, instead of paying for a room.

If you have the money to casually splash out, fair enough. We had a harbour view room and the view was breathtakingly stunning. The bathroom was nice and spacious, but the room itself was nothing special and in desperate need of an update.

Marina Bay Sand view from below
Marina Bay Sands towel art
Harbour view room from Marina Bay Sands
The Intercontinental

The Intercontinental was much more cosy and hotel-like. It was very comfortable as well as slightly more affordable; not to mention the breakfast buffet was delicious.
We would stay there again (and next time I’ll actually take photos!)

Lets be honest: I usually go on holiday to get away from my family.
Having a holiday centred around family felt really strange and wasn’t the most relaxing at first, but I ended up having an amazing time.


I love how advanced Singapore feels and how there’s such a perfect balance of greenery and buildings.

View of Marina Bay Sands from Gardens by the Bay
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Universal Studios

A group of us went to Universal Studios.
Disney is still my #1 love, but we had a blast.
Sentosa Boardwalk is so relaxing.

Sentosa boardwalk
Universal Studios Singapore
Chinatown: Food & Temples

Because we have to check out every Chinatown.
There are also a few temples you can enter and look around.

Entering Chinatown in Singapore
Chinatown wall art in Singapore
Chinatown food street in Singapore
Hawker Centres: Food Courts

Because there’s not a massive amount to do in Singapore and you end up eating a lot. Plus, food is very cheap.

Food at a Hawker Centre
River Cruise

River cruises = peak tourist mode = a must.
Seeing an abundance of banks and hotels was quite disappointing, but doing it in the evening meant pretty lights. Overall a chill, inexpensive little ride, and MBS stole the show.

View of Marina Bay Sands from the river
Spa & Wedding

My lovely sister-in-law booked me a facial and massage on the day of the wedding, so I was very zen.
The wedding itself was beautiful and I would have expected nothing less.
I cried. A lot.

Wedding decor and souvenir

The day after the wedding we went to Malaysia for a few days.

Gardens by the Bay

We had another day in Singapore en route back to London, so we went to Gardens By The Bay. The domes were stunning.
Trust Singapore to have the world’s biggest indoor waterfall.

traveling family
The largest indoor waterfall
Decor at Gardens by the Bay
Aloes in Wonderland at the Gardens by the Bay
Changi Airport

And finally, Changi Airport is insane. A huge shopping mall, including a Pokemon shop(!!) and the mesmerising Changi Jewel. I mean……

Changi jewel at Changi airport in Singapore

It’s been hard to leave a lot of our holiday destinations, but Singapore was definitely one of the hardest. I wish we had more time. I sense a lot of Asia travel coming!

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