3 Incredible Hikes in Guadeloupe

In April 2019, I went to Guadeloupe as a +1 for a wedding.
We made a mini holiday out of it and stayed for a week, which somehow I thought would be long enough. I didn’t realise there were so many incredible hikes in Guadeloupe!
I had a cold when we were on the plane, so travel and day 1 jetlag was quite rough. Thankfully, the warm weather and sea air helped that disappear quickly.


The wedding celebrations spanned over 2 days, the second day being a hangout at the beach:

beach wedding celebrations

Hike: La Soufrière Volcano

We hiked to the summit of La Soufrière volcano. Nature is freaking amazing.
This was the first “proper” hike we’d done across changing terrain, having to climb quite steep rocks. It felt amazing knowing our fitness had improved enough for us to cope.

hikes in guadeloupe: la soufriere volcano
almost at the top of la soufriere volcano
summit of la soufriere volcano

Hike: St Francois Coast

We hiked across the coast at Saint-Francois.
I could stare at and listen to the sea all day, even though it terrifies me.

hiking around the coast of saint francois
on a cliff at saint francois
pebble beach in saint francois
pathway to paradise in saint francois

Rainforest Hike: Sofaia

We hiked through the muddy rainforest to one of the many waterfalls.

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One of the locals was selling snacks at the entrance/exit, so we grabbed some (divine) coconut icecream when we came out.

Hiking in the sofaia rainforest
Sofaia waterfall guadeloupe


We spent every evening relaxing on the beach. The perfect balance of activity and chill.

relaxing on the beach


We had a tourist day in Sainte-Anne before we left, which was perfect because I’m a sucker for souvenir stalls (and apparently inflatable obstacle courses in the sea?!)

sainte anne water obstacle course

There’s something about holidaying in hot countries and being near the sea that really changes my temperament.
My mood was better, my skin was better, I was relaxed and I wanted to get up and do stuff even though I wasn’t sleeping amazingly because of the heat and mosquitos.

There is still so much to see and do in Guadeloupe. I can’t wait to go back.

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